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Working into Your Retirement Years

Health science and technology are improving every day; people are living longer than ever before. This means more retirees have longer, healthier years to enjoy to the fullest. Some keep busy travelling or with family, but others crave work. Suddenly...

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6 Benefits of Independent Living

When weighing your options for senior living, it is important to consider how much the senior living industry has grown. Over the past five years, senior housing has been driven to think outside the box with their services and amenities....

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5 Common Retirement Planning Mistakes

Retirement is a milestone we all look forward to in our lifetime. Most of us see it as a time of tranquility and luxury living with time to focus on family, friends, and travel. The British Columbia Seniors Living Association...

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Preventing Falls & Maintaining the Safety of Seniors

As temperatures drop, we become increasingly concerned about the safety of our older loved ones. Falling is one of the most common causes of injury for seniors, making it a priority to prevent.  These incidents are complex, making it difficult...

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Best Practices for New Family Caregivers

Aging in place [at home] has been a hot topic over the past decade as baby boomers have been quickly increasing the senior population. While seniors may prefer to stay in their homes, they may require additional care, and family...

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Tips for Downsizing Your Home

Have you been avoiding regular home maintenance because it has just become an overwhelming job? Does your home feel empty with all of the unused space? Are you putting money into your house that you would rather use for travel?...

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5 Senior Living Misconceptions

Contrary to belief, transitioning to a senior living community is more often than not, the best decision an aging adult can make. Every day, senior living residents defy aging stereotypes and can attest that most senior living concerns are misguided....

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