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Senior Housing: New Year, New Career?

COVID-19 has flipped our lives, economy, and jobs, leaving us rethinking what matters most to us. This is the perfect time to look at what brings our lives meaning and dive headfirst with nothing holding us back. With uncertainty and...

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Building a Better Future Through Telehealth Services

As technology progresses, the senior population grows, and social distancing becomes the new normal, Canada must innovate. Although COVID-19 has brought on many challenges, it also has gifted industries with many opportunities.  One of those opportunities is increasing the resources...

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Navigating COVID-19: What is the “New Normal?”

Defining the new normal has been a struggle for the senior living industry in these unprecedented times. Globally, we have never experienced anything like this before, so we are all learning as we go. Controversial face masks, fear of leaving...

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7 Ways to Continue Learning After Retirement

Once we retire, we have an opportunity to live the life we’ve always wanted. We have the freedom to dive headfirst into new or old passions and continue to learn and grow. In fact, learning in your senior years supports...

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Ways to Combat Ageism & Change Ageist Behaviour

As we have seen societies change before our eyes, it is clear that individual actions truly make a difference. Ageism is a prejudice that sneaks under our radars all too often. From family to health care professionals, and even tech...

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Working into Your Retirement Years

Health science and technology are improving every day; people are living longer than ever before. This means more retirees have longer, healthier years to enjoy to the fullest. Some keep busy travelling or with family, but others crave work. Suddenly...

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6 Benefits of Independent Living

When weighing your options for senior living, it is important to consider how much the senior living industry has grown. Over the past five years, senior housing has been driven to think outside the box with their services and amenities....

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5 Common Retirement Planning Mistakes

Retirement is a milestone we all look forward to in our lifetime. Most of us see it as a time of tranquility and luxury living with time to focus on family, friends, and travel. The British Columbia Seniors Living Association...

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