Seal of Approval

BC Seniors Living Association’s Seal of Approval Designation is an industry self-regulation program that allows independent and assisted living retirement communities to celebrate that they provide the highest standards of safety, security, and services to the families of the seniors that live there. Over 100 communities in British Columbia have been awarded the designation!

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A Symbol of Purpose

BCSLA has worked to shape the future of the senior living industry in British Columbia by creating the Seal of Approval. Although the seal has a multitude of benefits, the true purpose of the seal is to uphold the integrity of the senior living industry in BC through the consistent evaluation of senior living communities.

Earning the Designation

For a community to obtain the Seal of Approval, they are rigorously evaluated to determine if their safety measures, health policies, staff training, and resident services meet and exceed the high standards of the seal. After a community has earned the Seal of Approval, they are subject to annual assessments that ensure they are going above and beyond for their residents, staff members, and the community every day.

Raising The Bar

Members of BCSLA show a dedication to:


Every aspect of the senior living experience is of the highest standard


To be consistently evaluated and display a passion for upholding the values of the industry


To be a resource for other owners and operators in British Columbia

True Passion

For the independence of senior living communities and providing exceptional services to residents


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