COVID-19 Updates
January 1, 2021

Senior Housing: New Year, New Career?

COVID-19 has flipped our lives, economy, and jobs, leaving us rethinking what matters most to us. This is the perfect time to look at what brings our lives meaning and dive headfirst with nothing holding us back. With uncertainty and change comes new opportunities. These new opportunities may just be a new career direction or revaluating what truly brings our life meaning.

Research has shown that meaningful work exceeds all other workplace benefits as the most valued. This means that, on average, we all seek an emotional connection to our employer’s mission and want to feel like we’re making a difference. If meaningful work means making others smile, connecting with people, helping your community, and building impactful memories, BC Seniors Living Association thinks it may be time for you to consider working in senior housing.

A Rewarding Career

In the senior housing industry, management is always competing for the best of the best in the job market. In order to scout top talent, they have built comprehensive benefit plans to ensure every employee is equipped to tackle life’s responsibilities. By supporting employees, this opens up their team’s energy and compassion to do their best at work every single day. 

Part of BCSLA’s Seal of Approval includes a human resources component because we know just how much of an impact employers and careers have on staff. For you, an employer who rewards your hard work and dedication with the income and benefits to support you and your family will ensure a high quality of life for you and your children. Not only will you feel secure at home, but you will feel valued for the effort you put into your work every day.

Make a Difference

As we begin to rethink what matters most to us in our careers, making a difference seems to pop up a lot. The satisfaction of seeing our hard work making a recognizable difference to the people we do it for brings a tremendous sense of purpose. Whether we work maintenance, create delicious menus, or support the sales department, working with seniors to create their home a heartwarming place truly is special. 

What’s even better is their gratitude never waivers. You will never stop feeling their appreciation no matter how you make a difference in their day. And it doesn’t stop there; this gratitude spans to seniors’ families, who are so thankful to have such compassionate people taking such good care of their family members. A great example of this is one of our members, Sienna Senior Living. They created this heartfelt video thanking their frontline workers for all their hard work during COVID-19.

Valuable Experiences

Working in senior housing can build emotionally valuable connections that span generations. Meaning your impact can affect your client, your client’s children, and even their grandchildren. 

Take this year, for example; the difference each member of senior living residences has made during isolation will never be forgotten. A great example is one of our members, Rideau Retirement Residence in Burnaby, BC. Teena Love, the residence’s general manager, gathered her team to develop a way that family members can hug senior living tenants safely during social isolation. In a time of fear and uncertainty, Rideau staff put their heads together to bring love and connection back into their community for their clients. These are the types of stories senior housing workers are blessed to bring home with them every day.

Discover the Possibilities 

BCSLA has over 175 members who provide senior housing and senior care throughout British Columbia. If you are considering a career change this year, we encourage you to learn more about the senior living industry. Click here to view available positions at our members’ communities; new year, new career!

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