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December 1, 2020

5 Low-Intensity Workouts to Stay Active During the Winter

This year, winter may be even more challenging than before. On the bright side, fitness trainers have put their brains together to promote healthy, low-impact exercises to keep you moving during isolation. This means more options than ever to get your body moving during the cold winter months.

Before you get started, it is important to go over safety suggestions if you do decide to go outside. Take a quick look at our blog, “Preventing Falls & Maintaining the Safety of Seniors,” to get proactive this winter. 

The BC Seniors Living Association is sharing some great low-intensity workouts to keep you moving during Canada’s coldest months.

1. Swimming

Swimming is a perfect way to build strength and work on your cardio health in a safe and low-impact setting. Check out your local gym or community centre for water aerobics, open pool times, or swimming groups. 

The resistance in the water naturally helps you build strength without gravity pushing you down. This will be easier on your joints and muscles while you enjoy extra perks like saunas and steam rooms. With COVID concerns, we recommend reviewing the pool’s protocols before you get started.

2. Workout from Home

If you have a computer or smartphone, online workouts can be a great option for low-intensity exercise indoors. Great resources such as the National Institute on Aging, Senior Fitness with Meredith, Jane Fonda, DoYogaWithMe, and Curtis Adams are perfect places to start. Try adding them to your calendar to plan your week and hold yourself accountable.

3. Go for a Walk

Walking outdoors can be high-risk during winter months due to slippery rain, ice, and snow. One way to combat this is to join a mall-walking group in your area. Not only will you get to window shop, but you can meet local seniors who may be interested in grabbing a coffee afterward. 

If you choose to go outside for some fresh air, Rate My Treads is a great resource to measure the slip resistance of any shoe on the market. Take a look at the shoes you have now or browse the highest recommended shoes to purchase the safest you can get.

4. Adventure in the Snow

If you’re worried about slipping but want to adventure the beautiful winter months, try snowshoeing. With snowshoes having cleats, you have no worries about slipping. Even if you do slip, you will have nice fluffy snow to catch your fall! Snowshoeing is one of the best low-intensity workouts for those looking to build strength in low-impact environments. Snowshoeing is similar to walking with ankle weights, so go with a buddy and take it slow to be safe.

5. Try Yoga

If you enjoy walking in the warmer months, yoga can be a great way to restore your muscle balance in the winter. Check out your local community centres’ group yoga classes or take a look at your local yoga studio to see what COVID protocols they follow. 

If it is an option, try out a hot yoga studio; the dry heat will be amazing relief from the cold without the heavy moisture on your joints. If you’re trying hot yoga for the first time, try yin yoga and ask your teacher where the coolest part of the room is. Certain parts of the room can hold heat, so having an option to be near a door allows you to quietly leave if you feel uncomfortable.

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