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January 1, 2020

5 Benefits of Working in the Senior Living Industry

Are you seeking a job where no day is the same, you can build long-term bonds, and are provided with stability? A career in a senior living community in British Columbia may be just what you’re looking for!

You might be surprised to hear that working with seniors not only offers the excitement of customer service in hospitality but also includes the financial stability, job growth, and human connection that builds work/life balance. 

The British Columbia Seniors Living Association wants to share five benefits of working in the senior living industry that you may not have considered!

Rewarding Everyday

Senior living is about supporting aging adults and helping them thrive through their retirement years. They most certainly deserve it! Your support in making that happen truly impacts their day to day lives. 

A great example of this is The Shores Retirement Residence in Kamloops, who banded together to share resident family recipes throughout the community. Not only did this help residents feel more at home, but it helped them build relationships as they swapped recipes monthly. 

Giving your all, every day, to see a resident smile allows you to see the impact your efforts make right in front of your eyes. You may get the chance to see how proud they are when they talk to their family about your famous roast beef or thanking you for playing chess with them after their surgery. These are the special moments in senior housing that give purpose and meaning to your role.

No Day is the Same

Just like hospitality, customer service changes day by day, depending on the needs of the customers. Senior living is no different as it is always “all hands on deck” with any project or issue that may arise. You will never get complacent, as you never know what a day has in store for you! This keeps things exciting and more meaningful. 

Take Ashley, a recreation assistant at Bria Communities, whose role may vary from “party-planner, fitness instructor, furniture mover, bus driver, art teacher, and bartender,” all in one day. If you’ve been seeking an industry that encourages you to keep learning and offers a variety of responsibilities in your position like Ashley’s, senior living may be perfect for you.


Senior living is an ideal industry for hospitality workers with families. For safety reasons, there are overnight shifts for emergency responders, but for roles such as serving, cooking, housekeeping, recreation, maintenance, and management, senior living communities offer a stable work/life balance optimal for spending time with your kids. As a sous chef, you will never have to worry about being home to tuck your children in bed again!

In addition, most hospitality companies do not offer benefits to full-time employees in the food and beverage line of work. In senior living, it is important to employers to provide extended health benefits, so your family is healthy and safe. An employee with less stress at home can provide more focus and compassion to seniors at work. Our BSCLA member, PARC Retirement Living, takes this to heart by renewing an annual certification to provide a living wage to all employees.

Meaningful Bonds

What is the best part about working with seniors? Getting to meet and spend time with so many incredible people with diverse lives who love sharing wisdom. Seniors always have incredible stories and experiences to share. Maybe you’ll get the chance to meet the founder of a non-profit or hear stories about the times a resident hiked The Ogre and Mount Everest or learn from a powerful mother who raised five children as a new immigrant. These opportunities will create meaningful bonds that you’ll cherish forever. 

This goes for your colleagues, as well. Retirement homes seek compassionate individuals who take initiative and appreciate meaningful work. Your colleagues will be the kindest people in British Columbia, who naturally are supportive and open-minded to building long-term bonds. This inclusive culture makes working in a senior living community more than just a workplace.

Growth Opportunities

It is no secret that the senior living industry is growing as the Baby Boomer generation gets older. An astounding amount of adults aged 80 and above have increased, and the number continues to grow. This means endless opportunities for a specific market that seeks experience with seniors, and you have the upper hand when it comes to applying for a job. 

Due to the growing population, senior living communities are increasing fast, and many new retirement homes require to employ 50-100 employees at a time. This puts a lot of pressure on employers to keep up with demand, providing you with a job market in your favour.

The increasing demand does not only apply to certain career paths, either. Take your pick of what fits your skillset best by pursuing recreation, culinary, health care, sales, building maintenance, or residential services.

Check out local opportunities to see what piques your interest and join an industry full of compassion, care, and opportunity.

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