COVID-19 Updates
February 1, 2022

Now Hiring: Job Opportunities Available in Senior Housing

It is no secret that the global pandemic brought obstacles to staffing in the senior living industry, but studies show this staffing shortage began before COVID-19. With recruitment being a top priority, the industry kicked into high gear by bringing opportunities to help employees thrive and grow. 

Even with the rewarding everyday benefits that come with working in a retirement residence, British Columbia Seniors Living Association (BCSLA) members have innovated their human resource programs to stand out from the rest of the hospitality and health industry.

Mandatory Paid Sick Leave

Starting January 1, 2022, British Columbian employees will have a minimum of five paid sick days a year in any industry. With this opportunity, all senior living staff can rest easy knowing they can stay financially safe when they suddenly fall ill. 

Work/life balance opportunities will grow as the industry attracts more like-minded employees who can feel confident in the unfortunate situation they get sick.

Feeling Appreciated

A recurring reason for employee turnover can be due to a lack of recognition. Employees across every industry want to know they are valued, and their work is appreciated. However, a lack of recognition can cause employees to lose motivation and passion for their jobs, leading them to look elsewhere for employment.

BCSLA members like Chartwell have worked on this to bring client-voted appreciation programs, annual excellence award ceremonies, and a national employee appreciation week dedicated to recognizing staff’s hard work. 

Senior living communities across BC understand the importance of employee appreciation and take the necessary steps to build company cultures that honour and reward employees for their contributions.

Competitive Wages

With a competitive job market in a challenging province, senior living communities in BC have begun to adopt living wages to lower stress levels of their employees. BCSLA member PARC Retirement Living became Living Wage Certified to support every employee’s home and work life. 

These living wage programs use local statistics to determine the minimum wage required to live in the area. By working at a senior living residence with a minimum living wage, you can have a job you a passionate about without added financial stress. 

Financial Bonuses

With a hiring crisis in British Columbia, some BCSLA members have included annual or sign-on contract bonuses. For example, in Comox BC, our member Retirement Concepts offers an $8,300 bonus for all registered and licensed practical nurses who sign an employment contract. These bonuses and stability can ensure employees feel financially stable in the most unstable of times.

Extended Health & Continued Education Benefits

In the senior living industry, health is a number one priority. Because of this, the British Columbia senior living industry offers extended health benefits from extended parental leave and 100% dental insurance to employee perks programs for exclusive offers on expenses. 

Beyond health and wellness, BCSLA member Revera created a continued education university and offers post-secondary education grants for career growth opportunities. Senior living communities in BC want to see their employees grow professionally and personally and offer the tools needed to find success. 

By joining the senior living, the opportunities to grow within the industry are climbing. Senior populations are increasing, making more and more staffing opportunities for top talent in hospitality, healthcare, sales, and more. 

Our members earn the Seal of Approval, meaning each residence is run with evidence-based best practices for customer service, human resources, management, operations, culinary, maintenance, etc. Check out these opportunities on our careers page, where members post opportunities regularly.

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