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Emotional Intelligence – Part 4: Relationship Management

The Social cluster of Relationship Management is comprised of seven competencies; visionary leadership, which is inspiring and guiding groups and individuals; developing others, which is the propensity to strengthen and support the abilities of others through feedback and guidance; influence,...

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Emotional Intelligence – Part 3: Self-Management

Self-management is comprised of five competencies; Self-control, which is keeping disruptive emotions and impulses under control; transparency, which is maintaining standards of honesty and integrity, managing yourself and responsibilities; adaptability, which is the flexibility in adapting to changing situations and...

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Influenza Preparedness: Impact of influenza

This presentation looks at the impact of influenza on older adults. 75% of Canadians 65 years and older have a medical condition that puts them at risk for flu complications (e.g. heart disease, lung diseases, diabetes, cancer, or kidney disease)....

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Dementia: Behaviours and Medication Use

This presentation provides an understanding of behaviour symptoms associated with dementia and medications used in the management of these behaviours. We’ll talk about why we should look at the appropriate use of antipsychotics and discuss how the clinical pharmacist can...

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Medical Cannabis: What you need to know!

This presentation provides a quick introduction to medical cannabis, the endocannabinoid system and its function. You’ll gain an understanding how medical cannabis works, some of the potential uses, contraindications and our role in supporting resident care related to medical cannabis...

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Creating Inclusive Communities

Many trans, gender diverse, and Two-Spirit individuals face incredibly damaging forms of discrimination and barriers to access basic forms of human needs. How do we support LGBTQ2 communities and promote greater diversity and inclusion within the senior living communities.

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Emotional Intelligence – Part 2: Social Awareness

Social Awareness is comprised of three competencies; empathy, which is understanding others and taking an active interest in their concerns; organizational awareness, which is the ability to read the currents of organizational life, build decision networks and navigate politics; service...

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Grief & Loss in the Workplace

This Webinar will explore the basic concepts of loss, grief and bereavement and how they can affect us both in our personal as well as our professional lives. We will navigate through the emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual reactions to...

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Emotional Intelligence – Part 1: Self-Awareness

The core of Emotional Intelligence is self-awareness. Self-awareness is comprised of three competencies; emotional self-awareness, where you are able to read and understand your emotions as well as recognize their impact on work performance and relationships; accurate self-assessment, where you...

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