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October 1, 2021

When Is It Time to Consider Senior Living?

As our loved ones get older, the question of transitioning to senior living can ruffle some feathers. Aging can sometimes be hard to admit, while misconceptions and stereotypes about senior living can scare aging adults away from the conversation. The reality is, senior living communities in BC are full of freedom and rich experiences. We grow wiser, watch our legacies thrive, spend time doing what we love, and get back in touch with our inner child. It’s a time to embrace exploration and live life to the fullest. 

Luckily, senior living gives our loved ones the tools and freedom to enjoy every moment without the hassles of everyday life. So, if you think it’s time for your loved one to consider senior living, here are some questions to ask to see if it’s the right time for them. 

Do They Struggle with Social Isolation?

After a global pandemic that forced social distancing and isolation, the world has come to realize just how crucial a social life is for our health and well-being. Now that society is beginning to open back up again in British Columbia, is your loved one reintegrating into society? Are they enjoying memories with friends, or are they continuing to withdraw in social isolation? If they spend a lot of time alone and their health is declining, a senior living community in BC may be the answer. 

Having neighbours right down the hall who are the same age and share the same interests increases the chances of making friends. As a matter of fact, most of our members at BCSLA have designated recreational teams that are trained to create opportunities for residents to connect and bond. 

Is It for Physical Safety and Security?

Sometimes the thought of being proactive in transitioning to a safer living environment may be too much to bear. Regrettably, this means an incident (fall, injury, etc.) has to occur before action is taken.

Beginning the conversation of transitioning to senior living should start sooner rather than later if a loved one is starting to struggle to maintain their home, perform the activities of daily living, etc. Living in a residential community with other people and trained professionals is deserving of a conversation with your loved one. 

Is It for a Healthier Lifestyle?

One of the most beneficial aspects of senior living communities in BC is how they are designed to increase longevity. At BCSLA, our members innovate every year through research, training, networking, and events to bring the best of the best in fitness, nutrition, infrastructure, and technology. If your loved one is seeking the most life has to offer, living in a senior living community may be the answer. Consider discussing their definition of quality of life and how they can achieve this through a healthier lifestyle. Chances are there is a senior living residence that will help! 

Opening the conversation of considering senior living can be intimidating, but approaching it from an empathetic place can ease the discomfort. Offering support and help every step of the way can make a difference for the senior in your life. For more information on senior living communities in BC, we invite you to take a look at some of BCSLA’s other resources.

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