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May 1, 2019

The Benefits of a Senior Living Association

Today, many senior living communities are becoming members of senior living associations that can advocate for them. If you’re an owner or operator of a senior living community, you may be interested in joining an association that can provide the following benefits to your organization.

BC Seniors Living Association is a voluntary, membership-driven organization that advocates, mediates, educates, and celebrates senior living communities in British Columbia. The purpose of our association is to regulate the quality of senior living communities, inform the public about important issues, and provide valuable consultation to communities looking to exceed the mandatory standards and regulations of the industry.

Providing a Voice

One of the most important benefits of membership with a senior living association is that they provide your community with a voice. In the world of senior living, there is a multitude of communities with different interests and opinions and having a community’s voice be heard can be challenging. Joining an association can assist with representation and can work to amplify your community’s voice.

When a community joins our association, they gain the support of other communities and the association to bolster their message and advocate for positive change in British Columbia. BC Seniors Living Association promotes the independence of senior living communities and opposes excessive government regulation in the private sector of the industry. This philosophy allows the industry to be self-regulating, which improves the lives of residents, strengthens communities, and allows owners and operators to run their community independently.

Advocating for High Standards

Achieving and maintaining high standards of service should be something to recognize and celebrate. The BCSLA Seal of Approval was developed to promote the self-regulation of senior living communities in British Columbia, and 90% of communities in the area have already received the designation!

Obtaining the Seal of Approval for your community is a grand goal that every community should strive to achieve. This seal not only shows that your community is proud to provide exceptional care, but it also demonstrates the successful completion of rigorous annual assessments that your community must comply with to maintain the Seal of Approval.

For a community to obtain the designation, safety policies, health practices, resident services, and staff training are evaluated carefully to ensure that the organization is exceeding the standard set by the Seal of Approval.

Educating the Community

As an owner or operator of a community, having useful resources available to you is critical. Many times, communities are unaware of emerging legislation, trending topics in senior living, and best practices that other communities employ.

BC Seniors Living Association not only advocates for positive change in the industry, but we also act as a resource and an educational tool to our members. Our association hosts conferences, events, online courses, and other educational opportunities that are instrumental in the growth of senior living professionals in British Columbia.

BCSLA is a driving force in the senior living industry that prides itself on being a leader in regulation, advocacy, education, and the celebration of successful senior living communities and their residents. We urge you to learn more about our association and join us in making an impactful change for a better future.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of joining our association, please visit our website and contact us!

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