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September 1, 2019

Making Meaningful Differences Through Senior Living Management

The British Columbia Seniors Living Association’s mission is to better the communities of our members and their residents. BCSLA is very passionate about this, and our goal is to make a meaningful difference in the senior living industry. One that helps push the industry in the right direction to help it evolve for the better of those who rely on it. 

BCSLA has made a significant impact on the senior living industry by setting a new standard for senior living management through our Seal of Approval. Through our advocacy and education, senior living communities in British Columbia have flourished.  We have helped push these communities to be the best versions of themselves and redefine what it means to live in a senior living community. 

Meaningful Change 

Meaningful change can come in many forms and shapes. An owner or operator can come to BCSLA seeking our senior living management services and use our association as a resource to better their community. Ultimately, we visit their community and rigorously test numerous procedures and features. If a community comes to us seeking help, we are here to help and act as a support system to help guide them to become a better community. 

When a community becomes a member of our association, they commit to our standard of raising the bar and show dedication towards the following:


Every aspect of the senior living experience is of the highest standard.


To be consistently evaluated and display a passion for upholding the values of the senior living industry.


We want to be a resource for other owners and operators in British Columbia.

True Passion:

For the independence of senior living communities and providing exceptional services to residents. 

Earning the BCSLA Seal of Approval is more than an arbitrary symbol a community can attach to their résumé (so to speak). Our Seal of Approval comes with the commitment above and a guaranteed path to success. 

The BCSLA Difference

The BCSLA difference is a major one. If you go to our member directory, you will find over 170 members who have dedicated themselves to our standards. As time goes on, senior living communities evolve and grow. The members we have accumulated have committed themselves to pushing the senior living industry forward. 

The BC Senior Living Association provides senior living communities with a source that helps them continue their education, development, and growth. We provide our members with ample growth opportunities, networking, conferences, webinars, and events that strengthen each member.

Education is a key differentiator in the senior living industry that will help us continue to grow and better ourselves. Click here to check out and register for one of our upcoming webinars to help further your growth! 

Shaping the Industry

Our goal at the British Columbia Senior Living Association is to redefine the senior living industry. We do this by advocating on behalf of our members and educating the public. BCSLA is filled with passionate team members who are looking to make a positive impact on the senior living industry through our senior living management.

Our mission is simple, and our commitment to our members is unyielding. Through the help of BCSLA, many communities have already improved for the good of their residents and the industry. The more members we have, the more power and influence we have to make meaningful changes and shape the industry. 

The senior living industry, as a whole, is evolving and growing to become something completely different from what we had even a decade ago. The reality behind this transition is that BCSLA has played an enormous role in helping communities share their voice throughout British Columbia. If you’re an owner or operator of a senior living community and you’re interested in having your organization become a member of BCSLA, visit our website and contact us!

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