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November 1, 2023

How to Talk to Your Spouse About Moving to Senior Living

As you and your spouse age together, you can enjoy your retirement in the home where you’ve built so many memories. However, what happens if one of you can no longer care for yourselves and the other can no longer provide the necessary assistance? Or, what if one of you is ready for a lifestyle change?

The British Columbia Seniors Living Association (BCSLA) strives to share resources about senior living communities in British Columbia to help older adults discover ways to enhance their lives.

If you’re wondering how to talk to your spouse about senior living, here are a few points to consider and helpful ways to open the discussion. 

Create Talking Points

Whether you’re concerned about the health and well-being of your spouse or you’re ready to make a lifestyle change, it’s essential to come up with a list of reasons why you think senior living is the right next step. This allows opinions to be heard and gives you a chance to find information and resources that highlight and emphasize your reasoning.

Recognize the Impact of Caregiving

Providing care for a spouse can look different for many couples. For some, being a spouse’s caregiver may be an occasional occurrence. For example, they may need a helping hand with mobility or medication management. However, caregiving can take a physical and emotional toll on a person who must cope with a more demanding caregiving schedule.

While being a caregiver is a selfless, loving act, the line between caregiver and spouse can become blurred over time, impacting the relationship. For instance, you may begin to feel very isolated from friends or feel guilt about your own unmet needs.

If you or your spouse needs more consistent or supportive care, it may be time to consider the option of senior living. This talking point can offer your spouse your perspective on the relationship and bring up the change in the dynamics while offering a solution that can benefit both of you. 

Embrace a Lifestyle Change

After retirement, many older adults are unsure of how to spend their days. For others, it can be challenging to find opportunities for social engagement. Lastly, many retirees want to enjoy their time without the worries and hassles of home maintenance.

Fortunately, senior living communities in British Columbia offer maintenance-free living, community amenities, and social events so residents can enjoy a diverse schedule of activities and freedom that aim to enhance physical, mental, and social wellness.

Start the Conversation

Now that you have an idea of how to talk to your spouse about moving to senior living, it’s time to begin the conversation. Before starting, take some time to anticipate any concerns or apprehensions they might have. Remember, it can be difficult for anyone to acknowledge they need assistance or be open to such a significant life change, so it’s important to empathize with their feelings, fears, or doubts. 

If your spouse requires assistance, keep in mind they might not be aware of the physical and emotional strain that caregiving has put on you and your relationship, so when bringing up your perspective, be sure to deliver your feelings in a clear and composed manner that expresses your care and love for them. Let them know that you want to explore this decision together to ensure they receive the best possible care and quality of life.

You can also research senior living communities in British Columbia beforehand and jot down the amenities you and your spouse can enjoy together. Many communities offer restaurant-style dining, social events, and recreational activities to help you and your spouse create new memories and explore new opportunities together. This could be a wonderful new horizon for you both to grow together and enhance your lifestyles and relationships. 

For more helpful resources and information about senior living communities in British Columbia, we encourage you to view our member directory and find a community that can help you lead a healthy and fulfilling retirement.

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