COVID-19 Updates
April 1, 2021

4 Ways Senior Living Beats Loneliness

Did you know having a best friend will not only make you feel healthier but can also help your immune system work better, lower your stress hormone levels, and promote healthy aging? In fact, lacking social connections can put your health at higher risk than obesity, smoking, and high blood pressure.

Loneliness as you age can be dangerous, which is why our members take action in increasing your opportunities to make friends in senior living. Below are some great offerings our members provide that you can’t get at home.

1. Live Performances In-House

Imagine having the best jazz band or award-winning actors perform just for you and your friends in your home? To top it all off, you don’t have to worry about any planning! Recreational managers do all the event planning while servers bring you your favourite cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. 

While the pandemic can make this feel unattainable, our members hire the best recreational managers around. Using their creativity, we have seen some innovative ways to bring entertainment to residents while they enjoy social distancing with neighbours. A great example of this was Gilmore Gardens in Richmond, BC. Throughout COVID-19, their amazing team united to come up with new exciting ways to connect residents safely. Whether it’s performances outdoors or virtual events, they’ve got it all!

2. Safe Exercises for You and Your Friends

Missing your walking club or local workout pals? Some senior living residences have begun making their own workout videos exclusive for their residents and set up strict protocols for other fitness activities, so you know you are always safe.

Our friends at Granville Gardens Retirement Residences continue to encourage healthy aging and have an activity calendar packed full, so you never miss a day to catch up with a friend. From Tai Chi workout videos to socially distanced walking clubs, life can feel a little more normal. 

If you want to join virtual workout classes with your neighbours, a staff member can even help set up your computer, so you don’t have to. Having such fantastic team members watch out for you every day makes it easier to spend time with friends while getting active!

3. Expert Health Guidelines to Connect

When living alone, it can be hard to navigate what is safe and what is dangerous during a pandemic. The news constantly spreads fear, sending mixed messages that can be very confusing. 

Healthy aging is all about staying safe. Luckily for senior living residents, they’re surrounded by knowledgeable staff who are hired to know the ins and outs of safety and health guidelines. They have teams working on the ground and at their head office on the best way to keep their residents safe.

COVID-19 has brought to light just how unsafe loneliness can be. Simply isolating yourself from family and friends while only interacting via video just does not help. Luckily, BCSLA members such as PARC Retirement Living have continued to innovate to bring families together. Moments of laughter in their new PARC Family Eatery brings such vibrancy that just cannot be replaced. Seeing families connect face-to-face in a safe environment again really shows the value that senior living residences bring to socialization.

4. Keeping the Romance Alive

With a global pandemic, meeting new people or celebrating your love can feel impossible. Luckily, in an entire residence full of new suitors, an experienced culinary team, and staff who are hired to support your longevity, there are endless possibilities! 

A great example is Amica’s innovative team. Some of their residences go above and beyond by surprising couples with gourmet lobster dinners for their anniversaries safely in their own suite. This year they even took the time to deliver delicious Valentine’s Day meals to local seniors who had expressed interest in moving in. Imagine receiving chocolate strawberries at your doorstep? 

This VIP treatment is all part of how our BCSLA members do what they can to enrich their residents’ lives. Explore our member directory and find a senior living community in BC that fits your needs and enhances your social lifestyle!

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