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June 1, 2019

BCSLA: Your Choice

As the senior living industry continues to expand across British Columbia and Canada, the importance of being apart of a senior living association becomes even more significant. As additional communities begin development, the likelihood that your community’s interests are going to be heard over another’s decreases. BC Seniors Living Association (BCSLA) promotes the advocacy of each member in our organization, working to improve the quality and reputation of a senior living community.

BCSLA advocates on behalf of our members ensuring crucial government policies are spoken for, and in turn, communities are educated about senior living industry rights.


Advocating for your community’s rights and best interests can be time-consuming for owners and operators. If you find yourself in this position, you may notice that the time spent is hindering the time you have to perform the duties of your role in the organization.

BC Seniors Living Association is dedicated to advocating for independent and assisted living communities in the British Columbia area. As a senior living community, it can be challenging to express your business’s interests in a crowd of competitors. While being a member of BCSLA, our association works on your behalf to promote positive change within the entire industry.

Not only does BCSLA champion for your community at conferences and decisive meetings, but we also work with the government of British Columbia to ensure that policies are fair and promote the growth of independent and assisted living communities.


BCSLA strives to educate our members about opportunities for improvement and advancements in the senior living industry. Our association offers conferences, networking opportunities, educational materials, and other resources that allow owners and operators to take control of their community, understand government and public policies, and take advantage of the benefits that are available to them!

Raising the Bar

The purpose behind BCSLA is to improve the quality of senior living within British Columbia and helps to provide older adults exceptional care at any one of our members’ communities. Often, safety protocols, health assessments, and other aspects of senior living communities are overlooked, and BCSLA is driven to improve processes such as these to improve the quality of life for older adults.

The BCSLA Seal of Approval is a testament to the fact that our association stands behind our policies and supports our members. The Seal of Approval is a designation that represents the highest quality of senior care being provided to residents, and only communities that complete a rigorous annual assessment can proudly display the Seal. To learn more about the Seal of Approval, we encourage you to visit our website.

Although the senior living industry in British Columbia is changing rapidly, BCSLA is prepared to adapt, improve, and promote the policies in the industry to enhance the lives of seniors, assist owners and operators, and make a positive change for years to come.

Becoming a member of BCSLA provides a variety of benefits to owners and operators of senior living communities throughout British Columbia. If you would like to learn more about becoming a member of our association, please apply here!

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