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April 1, 2020

Let’s Get Technical: Apps & Tools for Seniors

New technology is growing so fast that it can be hard to keep up. There seems to be a new digital tool trending every time you turn on the TV. Although it may be overwhelming, keeping an eye for new innovations keeps us vibrant and allows us to take advantage of what’s out there. 

Luckily for you, BCSLA has got you covered! Below, we have broken down some fantastic apps for seniors to download on your iPad, tablet, smartphone, laptop, or smartwatch to make your life easier.


Getting started with fun apps, technology offers handy ways to keep you busy doing your favourite things anywhere, anytime. 

  • Good Reads: Love reading but struggle to find a great book you haven’t read? Check out Good Reads!  Download the app in your Apple Store or Google Play and sign-up for a free account. It’s as easy as filling-out some of your favourite books to get on point suggestions for similar choices. If you get your friends from book club to sign-up too, you can keep up with their favourites and recommendations for even more to choose from. 


  • Epicurious: A fantastic app for seniors who like baking, cooking, or mixing up a fun cocktail in their spare time, Epicurious holds an unlimited number of recipes from renowned experts and celebrities. Browse their articles or try out a new recipe for next week’s bake sale, download the app on your tablet and get food curious.


  • NPR: This app has it all! Get international breaking news on your iPhone, hear experts review their favourite books, get the low-down on new movies coming out, or listen to a historical playlist that covers 1,000 years of classical music. Think of NPR as the one-stop-shop you can take anywhere and listen to anytime.



One of the best things about technology is it allows us to stay connected all over the world. No more worrying about missing your grandson’s first steps or your daughter’s skyrocketing career as she travels around the world. Log into your favourite digital tool and never miss a beat with these two modern apps.

  • Skype: Skype has been a long time favourite for people trying to stay connected from long distances. It’s free, and you can use any device to video chat or make a phone call to your best friend in Thunder Bay or your granddaughter at McGill University. On top of it all, you can even video chat more than one person, connecting your entire family across provinces or countries. Download it now to catch up with your loved ones.


  • Keep-In-Touch: On that same note, do you find it hard to keep track of your family’s availabilities for a video call? Lucky for us, Keep-In-Touch allows each of your family members to keep track of their availabilities and reminds you if you have not spoken in a while. There’s nothing better for organizing phone calls around different time zones, class schedules, sports programs, and work commitments.


Health Resources

We are lucky enough to say British Columbia has many incredible health resources and an abundance of medical experts and programs. With all of this available to us, we may lose sight of the responsibilities we have to stay safe and healthy. Below, we list two close-at-hand apps for seniors that will make it easy for you to stay safe and help medical professionals help you.

  • Red Panic Button: The Red Panic Button app is available in your Apple Store or Google Play and is an easy to use emergency contact tool that is not bulky, and you can have on you at all times. For emergencies, this app is linked to emergency services according to your location and emergency contact list. If you ever fall or trip, click the giant red button in the app for immediate assistance.


  • Blood Pressure Monitor: Digital tools these days are truly becoming more and more brilliant. This nifty app allows you to track your blood pressure history and statistics while also allowing you to save an easy to read report for your physician. This app organizes it all to keep you on track and find patterns to avoid problems down the road. Get ahead of the game and download it today.

These are just some of the many easy-to-use and useful apps for seniors to download and use in daily life. The British Columbia Seniors Living Association advocates for retirement communities and their residents in British Columbia.

With over 175 BCSLA members, there are numerous communities in the association that provide accommodation, hospitality services, recreation activities and outings, social interaction, and assistance with daily living (if applicable). You can locate a community near you here!

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