Assisted Living Registry

In British Columbia, assisted living services are regulated under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act (the act).

Assisted living services include housing, hospitality services and one or two personal assistance services, such as regular assistance with activities of daily living, medication services, or psychosocial supports (referred to as prescribed services).  Both publicly subsidized and private-pay assisted living residences that meet the definition of an assisted living residence under the act, are required to be registered with the provincial assisted living registrar.


Assisted living embraces the concepts of resident choice, privacy, independence, individuality, dignity and respect. Residents, with the support of their families and case managers (where involved), determine with the operator the type of accommodation and services they require, all of which is confirmed in a residence occupancy agreement. In this way, assisted living promotes the privacy and self-reliance of people who require help with some day-to-day tasks but can otherwise live independently.

“The philosophy of assisted living is to provide housing with supports that enable residents to maintain an optimal level of independence.  Services are responsive to residents’ preferences, needs and values, and promote maximum dignity, independence and individuality.”

Assisted living residences offer three key components to adults who require regular help with daily activities: housing, hospitality services and personal assistance services. Residences:

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