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August 1, 2019

Providing Retirement Communities with a Voice

Senior living is a growing industry with a lot happening within its walls. While the senior living industry is not new, it is one that has been subject to much change. Change that the British Columbia Seniors Living Association (BCSLA) is significantly contributing to by providing communities with a voice. That is our mission, and we help push these communities to their fullest potential so that they can offer an enriching experience to those they serve. The senior living industry caters to older adults and their family members, and our goal is to help raise a new standard. 

The Four Cornerstones of Our Association

BCSLA is dedicated to giving the senior living industry a public spotlight and a voice. BCSLA is comprised of professionals with experience in retirement communities, associations, and the government. Our team works extensively to support and strengthen our association and provide our partners with the resources they need to grow and properly develop their communities. The four cornerstones BCSLA has set to help us give retirement communities throughout British Columbia a voice include:


The first way we provide a voice to the senior living industry is to advocate for it. Not just at the ground level, but on a national level. BCSLA advocates for our partners and senior living’s interests to the government. Meaning we take the fight for our partners to the government and push for less regulation and more freedom. The senior living industry should be about independence and enriching the lives of your community members.


Another cornerstone of our association is to educate the public and government about the senior living industry. While the public may not fully understand retirement communities, we do. The value and benefits of these communities can be taught, and that is one of the many things we do. We want to educate the public, and the government about the benefits retirement communities can bring to the population.


We want our partners to be truly focused on the important matters at hand, their residents. That is why BCSLA will identify problems, challenges, or opportunities for our partners and seek solutions. The senior living industry is crucial, and it is growing, we want our partners to reach their fullest potential, and that is why we provide solutions to problems they may not even realize exist.


Retirement should be a celebration. Providing a voice to retirement communities throughout British Columbia means bringing the residents to light, too. By celebrating what communities do best and bolstering the stories of the lives touched by them.

BCSLA takes pride in our association. Our responsibility to our partners is giving them a voice and providing them with the resources and knowledge they need to truly flourish. The senior living industry is evolving as quickly as it is growing and pushing communities to better themselves or fall to the wayside. BCSLA manages and advocates on our partners’ behalf, and we strive to better the senior living industry in whatever way we can. If you work for a retirement community and would like us to advocate on your behalf, reach out and learn how to become a member!

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